Arizona Tile Video 3 of 5 – Oklahoma City Kitchen Remodeling

Arizona Tile Video 3 of 5 – Oklahoma City Kitchen Remodeling
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What is Sealer for Granite, Marble, Quartzite and Travertine Countertops?

What is Sealer for Granite, Marble, Quartzite and Travertine Countertops?
What is sealer? How is sealer applied? How long does sealer last? How will I know when to re-apply sealer? Does sealer make stone shiny or polished? Can sealer fix a scratch or fill a chip or pit in my granite counter-top? More information about natural stone or all types at
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”dI04Z-Phxw8″ title=”What is Sealer for Granite, Marble, Quartzite and Travertine Countertops?” upload_time=”2013-02-14T21:45:00.000Z” description=”What is sealer? How is sealer applied? How long does sealer last? How will I know when to re-apply sealer? Does sealer make stone shiny or polished? Can sealer”]

Granite vs Quartz-The Ultimate Showdown

Before you sat down to tackle your budget for your kitchen countertop remodel on your Arizona home you probably couldn’t make up your mind on whether you wanted granite countertops or quartz countertops. You asked yourself, “What are the pros? What are the cons? What’s the difference?” or quite possibly, “What was in that egg sandwich I had for breakfast this morning?” Let us help you remember your breakfast every morning, prepared on a shiny, new granite or quartz countertop installed by Granite Karma. You deserve it. Let us also clear up the granite versus quartz quarrel for you and highlight some of their attractive features and the not so attractive ones as well.

1. Appearance

Granite, being a natural stone, comes in many different hues from earthy tones to pinks, greens and blues, decorated with intricate veining, sparkle, and specks. Each slab is truly unique so no two kitchen countertops will look the same. That is the beauty of granite. However, if more than one slab is needed for your project you’ll want to make sure that you’re slabs match up, otherwise you’ll get an offbeat transition from one slab to the next. A professional AZ granite installer can get the job done right.

Quartz, otherwise known as engineered stone, comes in a wider collection of colors and patterns since pigments are added during production making quartz much more uniform from slab to slab. The color options are what homeowners find the most attractive about quartz because it allows for more creative freedom in your design. It’s the perfect choice for a modern kitchen.

2. Maintenance

Granite needs to be resealed once a year for it to maintain its beauty and durability. Although it is stain resistant if sealed correctly, it is highly recommended that spills containing oils and acid like wines and soda, be cleaned up quickly. This is why it’s important to hire a professional AZ granite fabricator to seal the surface correctly.

Quartz won’t need as much maintenance as granite and doesn’t need to be resealed. It is highly resistant to stain, heat, and scratching which means it stands up well to spills of any kind. Because of it’s non-porous surface it is also bacteria resistant which is an attractive feature if you have little ones at home.

3. Strength & Durability

Granite is known as one of the strongest, most durable surfaces out there and is scratch and heat resistant meaning it takes daily wear and tear pretty well. It tends to dull knives so a cutting board is always recommended.

Quartz, being engineered and all, is slightly stronger and more durable than granite so it won’t chip or crack as easily. It can, however, be more sensitive to excessive heat so we wouldn’t recommend leaving hot pots and pans directly on your countertop.

4. Cost of material and installation

The cost of granite and quartz in Phoenix is comparable but generally quartz tends to be priced a little higher per square foot. Taken into account the maintenance cost of granite, one can argue that quartz is lower in cost in the long run. One thing is clear: both should be installed by a professional granite installer because they are extremely heavy stones and it must be ensured that the size and strength of your cabinet boxes will take their weight.

So did we make the decision easier for you? Truth is that at the end of the day neither material is better than the other. Choosing one over the other is based on your specific preferences, lifestyle and needs. We are here to help you do the research. 

While you’re making your decision, browse through our selection of granite colors and quartz colors for inspiration on your next kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity remodel.  Shopping for granite and quartz countertops in Phoenix can be stress free and even fun; just contact us by phone or send us a message now. 

Most Affordable Granite Styles

You are here because you want to upgrade your Arizona home with granite countertops but you don’t want to spend a fortune doing it. Granite’s popularity isn’t surprising being that it’s a gorgeous surface that lasts a lifetime and is easy to maintain. What might surprise you is that it doesn’t have to break the bank and is more affordable than you think. Most customers shopping for granite or quartz countertops in Phoenix, AZ don’t realize that there are several different classes of granite available with designs ranging from the classic to the very exotic. The more exotic, the higher the price tag.

The most popular and affordable granite is the class A (or level 1) granite and there is nothing cheap about its elegance and quality. It is used by contractors, realtors and homeowners wanting to flip their home. This is not only due to its affordability, but because it has very subtle tones which appeals to a larger group of people which is what you want if you want to appeal to more buyers. You’ll also be surprised to learn that class A granite is more durable and more stain resistant than the higher levels of granite which tend to be more delicate and prone to staining. These colors will also look good with virtually any color cabinets you may have making them easier to match with your kitchen. Whether you want a traditional design or a bold, sleek and modern one, these class A granite options will tailor to any design while saving you money. Below is a list of the most affordable granite colors you can choose from.

Tip: if you’re trying to save money on your kitchen granite or quartz countertops, choose a class A granite and upgrade the edge design (like the ogee edge) to give it a sophisticated look.

Juparana Santa Cecilia

This class A Brazilian stone is one of the most affordable granite stones money can buy. It is beautiful with deep yellow crystals and brown to black biotite crystals speckled throughout. It’s perfect for both your kitchen countertop or your outdoor barbecue island. (Also called St. Cecilia, Giallo Santa Cecilia, Amarelo Santa Cecilia.)

Giallo Santo

This class A stone is also quarried in Brazil and  is very consistent in appearance with each slab varying only slightly in color movement and veining. It is golden in color, sprinkled with flecks of black and grey throughout, giving it a spotty presentation. Being one of the lighter colored stones, Giallo Santo adds charm and elegance for your Metro Phoenix condo or apartment with a smaller kitchen. (Also known as Giallo Ornamental, Ornamental Gold, or Santa Cecilia Light)

Venetian Gold

Despite it’s Italian name, this granite is (surprise, surprise) quarried in Brazil just like the previous two colors. This stone is beige with warm golden tones, grey and brown veining and streaked with brown garnets. Designers love this color granite because of it’s versatility to cater to any kitchen style. (Also known as Brazilian Gold, San Tropez, Vecchia Oro or Yellow Ornamental.)

Giallo Verona

Giallo Verona is another native of Brazil and it presents itself in a light taupe or creamy gold hue with grey or brown veining and flecks of white and ivory. Like many of these granite colors on our list, Giallo Verona looks great with any natural color of wooden cabinet.

Uba Tuba

Uba tuba is a Brazilian stone with green tones. Depending on the lighting in your kitchen it can appear black from afar but at closer inspection you can see the deep green hue, sparkling silver, and gold and tan flecks of this stone. It pairs beautifully with a lighter cabinet color like white or cream but we have seen it successfully paired with black as well. (Also known as Cactus Verde, Panorama Green, Verde Bahia or Verde Labrador.)

Tan Brown

Tan Brown granite is quarried in India and is perfect if you wish for an earthy brown countertop for a traditional kitchen. This stone is made up of dark metallic to chocolate brown minerals with streaks of black and grey. (Also known as Copper Antique, Crystal Mahogany, or Cherry Brown.)

New Caledonia

This Brazilian stone is a trendy choice for a modern kitchen with its grey and white hues. This color will pair beautifully with espresso or cream cabinets. What’s different about this stone is that its grain structure is very consistent from slab to slab making it perfect for large projects like floors and countertops. (Also known as Ocre Itabira or Silver Brown.)

We understand budget is important when deciding to upgrade your old countertops to new granite countertops and we hope this list simplifies you’re selection process. When buying granite countertops in Phoenix we recommend going to the showroom and viewing a range of different slabs in the color you want before you finalize your purchase because color and movement vary from slab to slab. Our professional granite installers are happy to meet you at the showroom to help you pick out your pieces. Happy shopping!

Common Mistakes Made

Your kitchen. Probably the room with the highest amount of traffic in the house. It’s where you stop for a bite to eat before heading off to work, where families cook together, gather over a glass of wine and chat, grab a snack from the fridge/pantry or perhaps where your kids do their homework. It’s where the junk drawer is. You know the one with all the knick-knacks you quite haven’t figured out what to do with are. For this reason, kitchen design is so important to our homeowners and we’re here to help you avoid some common mistakes we’ve seen over the years when it comes to your granite or quartz countertop installation and general kitchen remodel.

  1. Installing a top mounted sink: What is lurking beneath the dark and damp crevices of that top mounted sink? It makes us shutter just thinking about all the bacteria and food that gets stuck under there. Do yourself a favor and install undermount sinks for a cleaner kitchen.

  2. Selecting an exotic granite color: The rarer the color of granite you choose, the more porous it is, therefore it’s more likely to stain which might end up costing you more in the long run. There is nothing wrong with wanting an exotic color for your countertops as long as it’s done in a sophisticated way. If you’re doing a red or blue countertop, everything else should be mostly neutral. If you want more color, make sure you do very small pops of color in your decor.

  3. Too much stainless steel: It feels cold and uninviting. Try not to do all appliances and cookware in stainless steel. It’s perfectly fine to mismatch appliance and cookware as long as it’s done tastefully. 

  4. Playing it too safe: So you want to be able to resell your house one day and don’t want a kitchen design that will be outdated in 10 years. It doesn’t mean that everything has to be beige and plain. It’s okay to add pops of color here and there or different texture materials to vary the flow of your kitchen. Maybe the backsplash should have an interesting design that catches the eye or upgrade cabinet hardware which is easily changeable. Invest in pretty light fixtures, or colorful furniture. 

  5. Not creating more counterspace if you need it: Who doesn’t need more counterspace? If your kitchen is small you can utilize corbels or shelving supports to create more counterspace.

  6. Selecting a granite color that doesn’t match the rest of your kitchen: Before installation, make sure the color you choose compliments the rest of your kitchen to avoid a mismatch in styles. We won’t say not to mix traditional with modern because it can be done in style, however be careful and take your time in designing your kitchen.

  7. Doing the work yourself: You might be setting yourself up for disaster if you install your own countertops. Granite and quartz slabs are very heavy and delicate. They’re easy to damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hire a trusted granite countertop contractor in the metro Phoenix area. 

  8. Forgetting Budget– This seems like a no brainer but how much do you plan on spending on your kitchen remodel? The average kitchen remodel project in Arizona is in the range of $20,000-$25,000. Budget is essential because it will help you decide which aspects of the kitchen to upgrade and which feature of the kitchen you’re going to spend the bulk of the budget on. Maybe new cabinets don’t fit the budget, but painting them and switching up the hardware does?

  9. Forgetting to look at the big picture: Consider your wall color, backsplash treatment, flooring, cabinet hardware, lighting and decor when picking out your granite or quartz slabs. Ask a friend or family member for input since they aren’t always in your kitchen, it may be easier for them to see something you’re missing.

  10. Getting stressed: Redesigning your kitchen should be fun for you. You can avoid stress by  hiring a professional Phoenix granite installer to take care of making sure your countertops are of the utmost quality. 

Contact us if you’re in the metro-Phoenix area and we will do a FREE home consultation for granite countertops- (602)354-9262

The Most Popular Granite and Quartz Colors

Granite and quartz are one of the most desired materials used on kitchen and bathroom countertops. The luster and color of natural granite is beautiful, it’s no wonder many homeowners want it in their homes. Quartz is desirable for its array of color, style and its ability to truly make your home unique. Need we mention that these materials also increases the retail value of your home if you decide to sell some day?

The fun part of the whole countertop process is picking out your color. But with so many granite and quartz countertop colors to choose from, how will you choose the perfect style to compliment your kitchen? Keep reading to find out what the most popular granite and quartz colors are and how to pair them for your kitchen or bath.

  1. Black Countertops: Black can be modern yet timeless all at once. It can be your kitchen’s main attraction when done with a high sheen. It pairs best with lighter cabinetry and a well lit kitchen. It tends to be used in modern kitchens and is truly best with white or almost white cabinets. Black Pearl is a popular choice. 

  2. White Countertops: On the other side of the spectrum are white countertops. Just like black, they can give your kitchen a modern, luxurious feel. White really opens up your space and will make your kitchen feel cleaner, larger and lighter. It pairs well with darker cabinets but can also be seen paired with white cabinets for an ultra modern look. For granite, Bianco Romano, Serena White, White Ice and Splendor White are some of the colors our clients are raving about. For Quartz, Pure White, Moon and Crystal White are extremely popular.

  3. Beige Countertops: Aah beige: the perfect neutral that can be paired with practically any color cabinet you have. Decorating your kitchen or bath will be easy and flexible if you go with beige. It warms up your space and is good to use in traditional or country style kitchens. Our clients like Santa Cecilia, Giallo Santo and Venetian Gold in this color category.


  4. Brown Countertops: Brown remains one of the most popular choices for kitchens and it’s no surprise. It’s rich tone brings a warm rustic feel to your space and pairs well with ivory cabinets and wooden decorations. Tan Brown and Uba Tuba are among the most popular right now.

When looking for granite and quartz countertop fabricators and installers in Arizona, look no further. Granite Karma is the top countertop company offering high quality fabrication and installation for your kitchen or bath remodel in the Metro Phoenix area.  Want to find out the best prices on granite and quartz countertops in Phoenix, AZ? You will find the most affordable countertops if you contact us today!

Granite Names and their Meaning

Juparana Santa Cecilia, Bianco Napoleon, Giallo Verona, Dorado Carioca…What is this language and what does it all mean? You might’ve come across these names while you were shopping for granite countertops and browsing through the different colors. Let us help you understand what some of this means.

Granite names can be a combination of Italian and Portuguese words and/or the location from which the granite came from. For example, any granite with Juparana in the name is named after a lake in Brazil called Lake Juparana (or Lagoa Juparana) because the original Juparana Classico is quarried near this lake. Most granite countertops come from Brazil, Italy, India, Norway and other countries which explain the unfamiliar names they bear. Uba Tuba granite is named after a district near Sao Paulo in Brazil; Copacabana granite is named after the famous Brazilian beach in Rio de Janeiro. Baltic Brown Granite is from Finland which is quarried near the Baltic Sea.

Many granite names are actually named after colors in other languages or after the type of mineral that gives it its color. Below is a chart to help you understand some of the most common names.

 When you visit our granite and quartz showroom in Phoenix, AZ you will come across these names as you’re browsing through the different granite color options and we hope this article helps you when it comes to finding that perfect color to compliment your kitchen or bathroom. As one of Phoenix’s leading granite installers we want to make sure that every step of this project is as easy to understand as possible. 

Interesting Granite Facts

Why do so many homeowners opt for granite for their kitchen and bathroom countertops? Granite is a beautiful material that gives a home character and style. Because of its unique coloring and intricate veining in each slab, no two granite countertops are the same. Granite is known to be strong, scratch resistant, and heat resistant. But what is granite and where does it come from? To learn a few interesting facts about granite keep reading:

  1. Granite makes up more than 60% of the Earths continental crust and is made up mostly of quartz and feldspar.

  2. It is naturally rough and textured but it is grounded and polished for countertop manufacturing.

  3. Most granite slabs are imported from Brazil.

  4. Granite’s unique coloring is caused by the different amounts of quartz, feldspar, mica and other similar materials in the stone. Feldspar, in particular, allows the granite to come in hues of pink, blue, white, brown, and more.

  5. Granite is one of the strongest materials in the world making it ultra durable which is why we love to use it in our homes. It is so strong you can cut right on it. (However, we do not recommend this so you don’t ruin your knives)

  6. Ancient Egyptians consistently used granite for monuments and statues such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Red Pyramid.

  7. Mountain climbers love granite because of its texture and its ability to stay intact and not crumble under their feet.

  8. Apart from it being used in countertops, it is also used on gravestones, floor tiles, curbing, and memorials.

  9. Mount Rushmore, Yosemite Valley and the White Mountains are all made up of granite.

Installing granite in your home can completely transform your space. It is durable, easy to clean and gorgeous. When searching for affordable granite countertops in Arizona, consider using Granite Karma. The top Phoenix kitchen granite countertop service providing fabrication and installation of granite and quartz counters.

Contractors and the Female Experience

Working with contractors can be challenging for both men and women alike. It can be somewhat difficult and maybe intimidating to talk to a contractor because they are skilled in their trade (or at least should be) and as a consumer, you don’t always know the technical jargon. But what kind of problems can women, in particular, expect to run into when working with contractors? How might their experience be different?

Some women might feel that contractors respect their male counterparts more, perhaps because men are sometimes expected to know more about cars, roofs, appliances, etc…So a man’s information is not second guessed as often and his ideas and opinions are of more significance.

So what are some of women’s fears when it comes to hiring a contractor?

Women fear that the job estimates they receive are higher because they’re not expected to know how much materials or labor should cost or how long a project usually takes and may be charged for months of work when it could have been completed in two weeks. Research is very important here. Get a few quotes, ask an online forum or friends and family about how much they paid or how long it took so you know exactly what to expect.

Women fear shoddy workmanship when contractors assume that they must not know about their trade and therefore won’t know if it was done in low quality. Again, research can go a long way here. Looking at pictures of how a quality granite countertop is supposed to look like, for example, can set the expectation. This is where it’s important to hire a contractor that guarantees their craftsmanship or they don’t get paid.

Women fear being taken advantage of especially when they are charged for unnecessary repairs or services. They might take their car in for a specific problem and walk out of the mechanics shop with an estimate for unrelated and unwanted repairs. Getting a couple more quotes is smart and also look on sites such as Yelp or Angies List to get reviews and recommendations before hiring a contractor and you could avoid this problem.

Women fear that male contractors are impatient and expect them to make quick decisions about the project. In other words, they feel pressure or even bullied. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with any technical terminology and have clear descriptions of the problem you are having or of your vision for your remodel so that communication is clear.

As an Arizona granite countertop company serving the Phoenix metro area we receive a lot of calls from women who are looking to upgrade their kitchen countertops to granite or quartz countertops and we make each and every customer feel comfortable talking to us about their remodeling projects and make them part of the process so they understand each step. It’s very important to us that our communication is clear and respectful.