DIY Faux Granite Kitchen Countertops

DIY Faux Granite Kitchen Countertops
I love how the counters turned out!! Faux granite!

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  1. Cecelia Baby, I prefer water based Varethane or Polycrylic. I try to use all water-based products if possible. sealer finishing waxes are awesome as well.

  2. The counter looks great, but I wish you would have explained more and actually showed how you applied it. You gave very little example, and the “dabbing” with the crumpled paper towel doesn’t really show how you did it.. But it looks great!

  3. How have they held up now? I’m curious since its been 3+ years now. Thanks! I think they look beautiful.

  4. Very nice job, and good video. You’ve got the artist’s touch,  and the nails are looking good too. 😉

  5. what brand of paper towels did u use?? I’ve found that some with lines in it make the paint look more like fossils rather than how yours looked

  6. looks great but the “how to” part of the video is useless. You spent more time on how you kinda decided on this color and that and what it cost than how to ACTUALLY do it-I could have read those facts-what’s the point of a how to video?

  7. the only color you mentioned was melted choalate… what were names of the others. looks very nice and professional…. wow. you did a good job and of course your hubby too. if you would let me know the names I would appreciate it. thank you…

  8. WOW! I bought the Giani Faux Granite Kit in Sicilian Sand, so the colors will be similar. I have watched countless videos on technique and your counter is by far the most beautiful one I’ve seen! I think I will just use the scrunched up papertowel like you did rather than use the sponges. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you 🙂

  9. I did my kitchen counter tops and they came out great, except after about 6 months the paint started to come off…..I used 3 coats if poly…I am going to redo them and epoxy them, I did that with my bathroom counter top and nothing will take that paint off

  10. Jacquelynn Allen

    looks great. and on a budget. ive been watching videos for months and was thinking to myself that instead of the $150 to $250 kits you can just use acrylic paint and an appropriate top coat and achieve the same look. so glad i came across your video. absolutely love it. what top coat did you use. i dont think you mentioned it….thanks in advance…good job

  11. Looks fine, but without any REAL demonstration and alot of poor description with your explanations…”umm ummm umm”??? Best not to speak at all…thumbs down! Couldn’t stand listening to the entire video.

  12. you did a great job on your counters, but generally when one makes a DIY video, they actually provide a tutorial. you did a very poor job of explaining and demonstrating.

  13. recommendation… write out steps on a paper and then you can add and show.. that way it will help those that are trying to mimick what you have done.

  14. anyone know what paint colors were used to achieve this amazing result? I figure that the owner saved the formula so she can repair any damage or add more countertop. Hope someone can help.Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Who has any right to complain here? This is free information, voluntarily given for your use people! If you can’t figure out colors or techniques from the video then move on! By the way the results in this video are the best I’ve seen, great job and thanks for taking the time to share!

  16. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for posting this! I may try it in the future at my new house! Also, what color is your gorgeous nail polish? Love it!

  17. It would have been nice if you would have recorded the raw event and its steps, instead of explaining the endresult.. but thank you.

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