DIY How To Polish Granite Counters Like A Professional

DIY How To Polish Granite Counters Like A Professional
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Using the top polishing kit, anyone can refinish and/or top polish any granite counter or other surface. The NSI Solutions turbo pads are perfect for removing localized scratches in a counter, taking down a high seam, or refinishing an entire counter. Step across from the 1000 grit turbo to the Alpha Ceramica resin pad (as demonstrated) or take the surface all the way with your turbos.

This is the method taught at the “Stone Live” demonstrations at stone expo and other events such as the Stone Fabricators Alliance Mega Workshop. This method is also taught at classes across the country that have adopted this easy to use, inexpensive way to polish granite.

Using the smaller rigid turbo wheels will help reduce the grinding area and save time. Use the grease pencil to outline your area and create blend lines so you don’t end up grinding a whole counter for one scratch or seam.

MB-20 is used as a final polishing step to bring about the factory finish that you and your customers will expect from this service. Use MB-20 as demonstrated not as directed on the label (2011 label).

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7 thoughts on “DIY How To Polish Granite Counters Like A Professional”

  1. Hi Ted, Is there a number I can call you at. I have a granite counter which has patch of about 10×11 inches. There was a damage from Calcium etch through a plant that was sitting on the granite. While I had my handyman try to remove the etch.
    He ended up removing the patch but the Colour in that area is faded. If you can send me your phone number I can send you a photo.

  2. thats a soft granit tho… its much more difficult on a black hard granit like zimbabwe or india black, allmost impossible without leaving a different shine , you need polishing powder in the end to do the whole surface in my experience

  3. DIY people are NOT rich,,,,we cant afford to buy that stuff for that price nor can we afford to pay someone to do it for us,,,,,,Thats why we`re here looking for cheaper way to to it and get it done I replace the damaged piece for less then the lower price of the 2 offered

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