DIY How To Transport Quartz Granite Or Marble Countertop With A Car.
How I DIY transported 9 feet worth of Quartz Countertop from the granite shop to my home using my Nissan Altima. I saved 5 in delivery fees. This isn’t the recommended way to transport a countertop, especially Granite and Marble which is more prone to cracking then Quartz.

DIY How to Polish a Quartz, Granite or Marble Countertop Bullnose or Square Edge profile.

DIY How to Cut a Sink Hole in Granite, Marble or Engineered Quartz

DIY How to drill faucet holes in granite quartz or marble the fast and easy.

DIY How to Cut Quartz, Granite or Marble Counter with a Circular Saw.

Will a Diamond hole (core) saw cut through wood? This video shows the result!

DIY How to Bullnose Quartz or Granite Countertop Freehand, With an Angle Grinder.

DIY How to Transport and Move Quartz Granite, Marble, Countertop with a Car


2 thoughts on “DIY How To Transport Quartz Granite Or Marble Countertop With A Car.”

  1. Smash 72Cutlass

    This guy got lucky you should never transport any kind of stone granite marble whatever face down it will crack under its own weight with a little pot hole

  2. Emmanuel Estrada

    Awesome videooo!!! I am going to buy a countertop at Rainbow Stone for 160 dlls (I think it’s the same color and everything). I am probably going to do the cuts and everything myself so your videos are helping me a whole lot!!!

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