DIY Painted Faux Granite | Giani White Diamond | Formica Countertops | Bathroom Makeover | Faux Posh

DIY Painted Faux Granite | Giani White Diamond | Formica Countertops | Bathroom Makeover | Faux Posh
I am so proud to present this tutorial video to you all, finally! I have been working on renovating our home with my husband, and the hideous, peach formica counter tops were the bane of our existence! So I decided to paint over them. I used the Giani Granite White Diamond Countertop kit. I will leave the link below for the kit and the epoxy that I used. You can use regular acrylic paints if you want! I chose the White Diamond kit because it has this “Pearl Mica ” color that gives the faux granite that natural stone-look shine. One box kit covered my master bathroom and a few other projects, with plenty to spare; so, I recycled and used the remaining product on my guest bathroom. I do strongly feel that the epoxy is what gives it that real granite look; the real edge that made it look so glass-like. using leftover paint from other projects, I painted the walls and the cabinets. On the cabinets I actually used my gripper primer that Home Depot tinted gray for me, to cut out the extra steps of primer then painting :). I also added a little white, wood trim detail to the mirror to fancy it up a little. (glued on with gorilla glue). The last and final touch… the hardware! I am obsessed with these Brushed Nickel handles that i found online, in bulk, on Amazon. I bought about 40 of them for my kitchen and bathroom cabinets, to keep it cohesive. For the epoxy, I recommend using the Parks brand, or another reputable CLEAR epoxy of your choice. Biggest piece of advice, PREP AND PROTECT everything that you dont want ruined by the epoxy. It dries fast, so work fast, and prepare more than enough of the epoxy resin mixture, before you get started. You will want plenty to fall over the edge, because if it doesn’t, once the resin starts curing it will shrink up and cause a ripple or dimples in your resin. So don’t be stingy. In fact, be very generous. You won’t regret it! . I wait 2 weeks before placing heavy objects on my epoxy sealed counters, but after about 2 days you can put light, non-sharp or gritty items on them and they will be fine. If you have any questions please comment down below 🙂 I am also eager to upload more DIY videos, so let me know what else you want to see. Love you guys! Subscribe to check out more videos 🙂 and Follow me on Facebook @Cora’s Creative Corner , and Instagram @corascreativecorner.

Giani Granite ????????
Epoxy : Parks Epoxy (clear)

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  1. Wow thanks for tutorial I was thinking about spray painting our master bathroom but this seemed very easy and price is even e

  2. I’d like to see the back part that you used the gianni clear coat on. Does it look like a different finish than the epoxy??

  3. Also, I was wondering how the epoxy holds up to cleaning. I use the green Scotch scrub pads all the time to clean my countertops. Would this leave scratches?

  4. Amazing job! I was debating about whether to do the Gianni paint or the contact paper but after this video I’m definitely doing the paint. Thank you!

  5. Gorgeous girl you guys did a great job i sure wish i had a better tablet to have seen the true colors and textures it appeared to be stunning regardless of my poor picture quality on this tablet. I just love bling look too so i was bummed i couldnt see it..hey how is is wearing out? Can it stand up to normal wear and tear of a family..i also have a houseful at all times so these bathrooms get a workout. Are they able to handle comet bleach and scrubbing because im super fussy about keeping bathrooms super clean again…high traffic here and boys are well kinda messy..and im not fond of whiskers on the counter toothpaste or muddy splashes from hands or grease from cars..or eyeliner or mascara or yes hair dye. How do you think it will fair over here wonderwoman? I think i may need cement i want your countertops all diamond and beautiful glassy coat with pretty whites and black marbling. Tell me how it holds up in your house so far lovie. Thank you God bless women like you so brave to just go for it…you have inspired me thank you.????????

  6. OMG did you really use a blow tourch on a highly flammable epoxy? That was scary girl, but what a beautiful end results, thank you, I am now brave enough to finally do my own, have had my kit for 2 years. thank you, do you live close to Oklahoma, I would hire you, really beautiful results

  7. I’m waiting on my own Giani kit to arrive. Seriously, out of all the videos I’ve watched and articles I’ve read (including the Giani videos), and also videos about pouring epoxy resin, this is by far the best one. Thanks for this and keep up the awesome work. I’m doing my kitchen counters in the black granite kit. Hope they turn out half as beautiful as that bathroom!

  8. This is beautiful! It looks so good I had to purchase the Gianni Kit plus the glitter and epoxy, my question is, “is one package of epoxy good for an entire L shaped kitchen counter top?” Can’t wait to start my project!

  9. Question: how long did you wait for the Giani paint to dry before pouring the epoxy? The instructions say the paint takes a week to fully cure but do you have to wait that long before the epoxy?

  10. I have a sloping backsplash and wonder how to cover in epoxy. Can I use the giani clear finish and then epoxy over that?

  11. You did a phenomenal job! I need to check out your other video’s so I can see the other countertops you guys did. Your verbal instructions are superb!

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