Granite Countertops for under $90.00 – Believe it!

Granite Countertops for under .00 – Believe it!
Giani is the world’s first granite countertop paint kit to transform formica countertops to the look of granite using a simple paint by numbers process for beginners.

Water based safe and automotive grade durability ensures a safe durable finish. Colors include Bombay Black, Sicilian Sand, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Roma Red, Jet Black and Stainless Steel.

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  1. Drywall Repair Los Angeles

    Wow, this is really interesting. It looks too good to be true. Is there such product available on the market? I’ll ask my counter-top contractor friend to see if he’s heard of this product. Thanks for posting the video.

  2. If I have applied an Epoxy refinishing kit and I am not satisfied.  Can I use the Giani over the epoxy?

  3. I’d love to do this but I have tile countertops. I see that you say it can be done on tile also. Do you have any videos that show the process on tile or any before/after pictures?  I’m wondering if it’s worth doing or should I just resign myself to ripping out my existing countertops. Thanks!

  4. +smgabby –  Great Question!
    How to turn ceramic tile into beautiful GIANI™ granite tile!… 
    1. First – clean the tile to ensure it’s free of all residue. Use SOS® or Brillo®
     pads and use a damp 
    cloth and rinse with water to ensure all residue is removed. 
    2. Next – use a fine grit silicon carbide sand paper to lightly rough up your tile surface – and wipe up 
    the sanding dust with a damp cloth and allow to dry – 
    3. Tape off and protect any sinks, cabinets, appliances and backsplashes – with 3M’s “Painter’s Tape 
    for Delicate Surfaces®
    ”, because this tape resists “bleed through”. Press down on the tape to seal 
    4. Next, use the foam brush and paint about a very narrow half-inch wide strip of the Giani IronCore 
    primer around any sinks, cabinets, appliances and the bottom and top of your backsplash. We 
    recommend this narrow strip because it minimizes any potential lap lines or “wakes” created by the 
    brush. In addition, your roller will be able to paint up close. 
    5. Next, use the roller to roll the Giani Primer onto your tile in sections not larger than three feet by six 
    6. Right after you cover a section with your roller, lightly roll back over it, using light, long, end-to-end, 
    overlapping, one-way roll strokes. This is called “back rolling”, and it’s done to minimize any lap 
    lines or “wakes” created by the roller. You may “back roll” a section a few times. You do not need 
    to “re-wet” the roller for “back rolling”. 
    7. Now, repeat this “rolling and back-rolling” process over all the remaining sections of your tile. 
    8. When done, let the primer coat you just applied dry for at least 8 hours – and now you’re ready for 
    the remainder of the GIANI™ Granite process! 
     Finally, another step that’s unique to ceramic tile makeovers – is their grout line – And here’s two 
    options for your consideration on how to manage them . . . 
    1) You may choose to apply the entire GIANI™ granite process directly over the tile and grout lines – 
    and leave them as they are, because your grout lines may be narrow – and consequently not 
    noticeable – 
    2) Or – you may apply the GIANI™ Primer and Minerals over your tile and grout lines – let them dry – 
    and then use an artist brush to re-coat the grout lines with a solid GIANI™ Mineral color. This is a 
    less time consuming than it sounds because it’s easy to stay within grout lines because they’re 
    Finally, apply the GIANI™ clear Topcoat over everything – after your “grout line coat” has dried for 
    the standard allotted time. Remember to keep your new coating water free for two weeks to cure.

  5. Congrajulations! (Yes, that IS the correct way to spell it! NOT “congratulations”, which is a bastardized AMERICAN version!) You turned the opportunity to intelligently inform me into just another boring-ass commercial! (Stay in advertising, honey, you don’t have the talent for anything else!)

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