You are here because you want to upgrade your Arizona home with granite countertops but you don’t want to spend a fortune doing it. Granite’s popularity isn’t surprising being that it’s a gorgeous surface that lasts a lifetime and is easy to maintain. What might surprise you is that it doesn’t have to break the bank and is more affordable than you think. Most customers shopping for granite or quartz countertops in Phoenix, AZ don’t realize that there are several different classes of granite available with designs ranging from the classic to the very exotic. The more exotic, the higher the price tag.

The most popular and affordable granite is the class A (or level 1) granite and there is nothing cheap about its elegance and quality. It is used by contractors, realtors and homeowners wanting to flip their home. This is not only due to its affordability, but because it has very subtle tones which appeals to a larger group of people which is what you want if you want to appeal to more buyers. You’ll also be surprised to learn that class A granite is more durable and more stain resistant than the higher levels of granite which tend to be more delicate and prone to staining. These colors will also look good with virtually any color cabinets you may have making them easier to match with your kitchen. Whether you want a traditional design or a bold, sleek and modern one, these class A granite options will tailor to any design while saving you money. Below is a list of the most affordable granite colors you can choose from.

Tip: if you’re trying to save money on your kitchen granite or quartz countertops, choose a class A granite and upgrade the edge design (like the ogee edge) to give it a sophisticated look.

Juparana Santa Cecilia

This class A Brazilian stone is one of the most affordable granite stones money can buy. It is beautiful with deep yellow crystals and brown to black biotite crystals speckled throughout. It’s perfect for both your kitchen countertop or your outdoor barbecue island. (Also called St. Cecilia, Giallo Santa Cecilia, Amarelo Santa Cecilia.)

Giallo Santo

This class A stone is also quarried in Brazil and  is very consistent in appearance with each slab varying only slightly in color movement and veining. It is golden in color, sprinkled with flecks of black and grey throughout, giving it a spotty presentation. Being one of the lighter colored stones, Giallo Santo adds charm and elegance for your Metro Phoenix condo or apartment with a smaller kitchen. (Also known as Giallo Ornamental, Ornamental Gold, or Santa Cecilia Light)

Venetian Gold

Despite it’s Italian name, this granite is (surprise, surprise) quarried in Brazil just like the previous two colors. This stone is beige with warm golden tones, grey and brown veining and streaked with brown garnets. Designers love this color granite because of it’s versatility to cater to any kitchen style. (Also known as Brazilian Gold, San Tropez, Vecchia Oro or Yellow Ornamental.)

Giallo Verona

Giallo Verona is another native of Brazil and it presents itself in a light taupe or creamy gold hue with grey or brown veining and flecks of white and ivory. Like many of these granite colors on our list, Giallo Verona looks great with any natural color of wooden cabinet.

Uba Tuba

Uba tuba is a Brazilian stone with green tones. Depending on the lighting in your kitchen it can appear black from afar but at closer inspection you can see the deep green hue, sparkling silver, and gold and tan flecks of this stone. It pairs beautifully with a lighter cabinet color like white or cream but we have seen it successfully paired with black as well. (Also known as Cactus Verde, Panorama Green, Verde Bahia or Verde Labrador.)

Tan Brown

Tan Brown granite is quarried in India and is perfect if you wish for an earthy brown countertop for a traditional kitchen. This stone is made up of dark metallic to chocolate brown minerals with streaks of black and grey. (Also known as Copper Antique, Crystal Mahogany, or Cherry Brown.)

New Caledonia

This Brazilian stone is a trendy choice for a modern kitchen with its grey and white hues. This color will pair beautifully with espresso or cream cabinets. What’s different about this stone is that its grain structure is very consistent from slab to slab making it perfect for large projects like floors and countertops. (Also known as Ocre Itabira or Silver Brown.)

We understand budget is important when deciding to upgrade your old countertops with good deal to new granite countertops and we hope this list simplifies you’re selection process. When buying granite countertops in Phoenix we recommend going to the showroom and viewing a range of different slabs in the color you want before you finalize your purchase because color and movement vary from slab to slab. Our professional granite installers are happy to meet you at the showroom to help you pick out your pieces. Happy shopping!

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