How Durable Are Granite Countertops? One Year Torture Test Results!!
How to clean neglected granite counters. I installed a granite countertop about a year ago, and since then they have suffered some severe abuse. In this video I attempt to clean them and bring them back to life.

14 thoughts on “How Durable Are Granite Countertops? One Year Torture Test Results!!”

  1. So what happened to all the stuff that was in the house??  I noticed an old flat
    screen TV, did that hit the dump or did you save it for scrapping… you know there’s 
    GOLD in those TV’s, right??   = 0 )

  2. Jarrett Williams

    who the hell bangs a person living in a bloody laundry room? I thought that type of stuff only happens on TV
    My go-to-cleaner is ammonia. It will clean absolutely anything except rust. I dunno why all these stupid cleaning products say “No ammonia!” like it’s bad.

  3. It is infuriating when renters abuse the property they are renting. I am a renter myself and I maintain this 1950s home as though it was my own. The bad ones give the rest of us a bad name, and most landlords become jaded and treat us all like we’re equally terrible.

  4. Cesar M. Gonzalez

    ok. i saw the whole series if the granite install and i have just one question?? how did you seal the seam?

  5. I wonder why landlords are so shy about publishing names of trash tenants. There should be something akin to a credit reporting agency for landlords to protect them from the all to common filth like those tenants..

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