How Not To Break A Granite Countertop During Installation

How Not To Break A Granite Countertop During Installation
We are unloading a granite countertop, wheeling it to the front step, picking it up, carrying it into the house…and the camera ran out of memory…

9 thoughts on “How Not To Break A Granite Countertop During Installation”

  1. onthelevelbilliards

    if you used otlvise handles etc it would have been easier and safer to move that piece

  2. you don’t need to bar this material, anyone who can’t install this without it is just a amuture

  3. its beyond amazing your stone didn’t break, even with rebar, when you turned it horizontal with only 3 people carrying it at the end of the video. you never ever carry it with man power full horizontal. looks like your steps carrying the stone weren’t planned ahead from the truck to the kitchen at all and it was just “planned on the fly”

  4. You guys are very lucky this piece didnt break at the moment when was turned flat in the kitchen ( even with rebars)

  5. These guys are amateurs. Somethibg like that would have been carried in by me and my helper by hand. I wouldnt even put a sink saver in it. Its all technique. These guys cant carry worth shit. If i carry with my left hand and your facing me then you carry with your right hand. Same lean. And never flat lift.

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