How To Clean Clean Granite Countertops AND Clean A Dyson – Cvlog #4 (Clean My Space)

How To Clean Clean Granite Countertops AND Clean A Dyson – Cvlog #4 (Clean My Space)
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Melissa Maker, Cleaning Expert, answers your cleaning questions!

@jtashland1 asked how to clean granite countertops properly and in an environmentally-friendly way, and I explain how to do this using cloths and dish soap.

He also asks how to clean stainless steel, clearly he needs to check out the video we made a few months back!

Finally, he asks how to remove a musty smell coming from his Dyson vacuum. Melissa explains that using baking soda to help filter out the bad smell can help.

6 thoughts on “How To Clean Clean Granite Countertops AND Clean A Dyson – Cvlog #4 (Clean My Space)”

  1. And what if I already have stained granite windowsill? The stains are from over watering the plants (so I think its like water with some ground or other organic mater in it). I haven’t noticed them right away and now I can’t get them off. Help.

  2. Chicapoo Ashcraft

    I have extremely hard water and recently had a leak in my faucet. SOoo, I have a huge hard water stain/calcium buildup on my granite around the faucet. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  3. Hmmm. Anything I can think of would create a stain on the granite given that vinegar or something similar would assist in removing that limescale. I’ll let you know if I can think of anything.

  4. hey ur videos are simply a great help for me.. you are a life saviour !! thanks for making the cleaning job lot easier.. i really need ur help on selecting a good vacuum cleaner which is good for hardwood floors and carpet area rugs n etc… and also does the granite tend to chip if u place a hot pan on top ? 

  5. you are liar or imbecile
    polished granite does not absorb
    See pictures of metro station in Moscow
    there are millions of people every day and the floors are still shining!
    Dyson is a big scum

  6. Granite is in 7th place
    and 10 is a diamond on a hard scale
    You do not know anything about cleaning
    And you do not say anything smart anyway

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