How To Clean Ink, Pen Sharpie Quartz Stone Benchtop Caesarstone Concrete Countertop

How To Clean Ink, Pen Sharpie Quartz Stone Benchtop Caesarstone Concrete Countertop
Quickly, Easily without damage to quartz countertop remove ink, blue pen and sharpie.

The Easy & Safe way to CLEAN, Remove STAINS & PROTECT all stone surfaces

Cleaning stone benchtops or stone countertops has never been so EASY! Take the guess work out of how to clean your stone benchtop including all QUARTZ brands like Caesarstone – Quantum Quartz – Smartstone – Essastone – Silestone, Technistone, Vedastone, Stone Italiana, Samsung, LG, Cambria etc.
With our specially formulated stone benchtop cleaning products, we are the industry experts when it comes to care, maintenance and repairing all stone.

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NOT all Cleaners are suitable for Stone or Quartz
We have tested 99% of all stone benchtop cleaners on the market as of 2017 and have found the following interesting facts;
* Most simply don’t work and at worst damage the gloss surface.
* 99% are either highly acidic or worst alkaline with similar strengths to oven & drain cleaner.
* The few that are suitable, DO NOT remove stains, streaks etc.
* Dr.Google should not be used. Did you know that Vinegar is the same pH level as hydrochloric acid?
* Most creme cleansers, considered safe for cleanings causing dull spots and shadowing on modern quartz benchtops with an average pH level of 11.
* Window Cleaners are also alkaline and will overtime, like orange based cleaners, (acids) dull the surface making it stain more readily.
* Granite & Marble cleaner are not interchangeable nor are they suitable to be used on quartz benchtops.
* Modern quartz stone benchtops may contain quartz but are held together with polymers, not fused together by heat and pressure from molten lava.

Our cleaning products are developed by stone industry experts from years of experience and specialised knowledge, designed to work. Money-back Guarantee

Our Kits and Products work as well on all stone – Granite & Marble

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  1. Diamond Surface Armour Pty Ltd

    The Surface is Caesarstone New range of Matt finished Concrete – Caesarstone Fresh Concrete – Caesarstone New Concrete etc. Generally harder to keep clean and remove stains without damage. Our kits make this process Easy, Quick and will not damage the surface finish.

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