Kiss My Angle Grinder: Cut Your Own Granite Countertops For An Apron Fron Sink
If you always thought you needed to get all new granite countertops in order to upgrade to a new sink or built ins…this video will blow your mind. Get Onified SUBSCRIBE!

20 thoughts on “Kiss My Angle Grinder: Cut Your Own Granite Countertops For An Apron Fron Sink”

  1. Angela Stackhouse

    This is what I am talking about! Excellent presentation, pace, and graphics. Quality. Thanks Oni! You rock!

  2. Love this demonstration!  I want one for Christmas and your video proves we can make it happen.  Thanks!

  3. Your video is SO straightforward, to the point, helpful AND entertaining!  Thank you!  Now, I’ve got to check out your other reno videos.

  4. I’m hoping to install exactly this sink! In Kolher’s installation materials they specify that the countertop overhang must not exceed 1.5″, but I can’t see why this matters. Mine is 2″ (so .5″ oversize), and I think if I just follow the template it will still install just fine. But I can’t see how that interface between the sink and the edge of the countertop actually looks like/works. What do you think?

  5. I am inspired!!  I am going to cut a hole for a drop-in bar sink from a small slab for a kitchenette in my family room.  All because you made me feel confident.  I already have all of the tools and just need a diamond blade.

  6. This was amazing. I’m so glad I found your video – I do not want my countertop to look like I’ve excavated a rock face ???? Thank you – can’t wait to get my angle grinder out!

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