Painting Kitchen Countertops to Look Like Granite
Many people want granite countertops in their kitchen, but the cost can be too much. Here’s how to use paint to give it that faux granite look.

8 thoughts on “Painting Kitchen Countertops to Look Like Granite”

  1. Victoria Castleberry

    Really want to do this to my counter tops, but also scared i’ll screw it up royally lol.

  2. Use latex paints and when it is all dry you need to start coating it in clear satin polyurethane, read the directions on the can. It says brush on a coat and let it dry, about 5 hrs. then you light sand the surface and re-coat it. I have put six coats on mine and it gives it a glassy shiny look. in which I like, and it protects the surface!!! Try it , it will stay beautiful for years to come.

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