Saving Money On Granite Countertops – Granite Shorts Ep.22 –

Saving Money On Granite Countertops – Granite Shorts Ep.22 –
Here are some tips on how you can get more value for your dollar when purchasing granite countertops. would like to thank you for watching our video and please feel free to leave comments. If you have a questions for our staff, please contact us at , or

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  1. @Bouchaneusmc Why spend the extra time (and money) at the warehouse? Find a fabricator large enough to have their own inventory. They’ll usually be cheaper (or at least have more room for negotiation) and you can be sure that should anything bad happen to the slabs during production or transport, they can re-cut the piece right away.

  2. @Bouchaneusmc Absolutely agreed! Anything less than 3cm in a kitchen is sub-standard. Thanks for the comments Bouchane!

  3. @stoneadvisor While I’ll agree with the fact that in most cases wholesalers will get the stone at lower pricing, we’re not talking about a huge difference in price… 10%-15% maybe? What counts is that wholesalers typically put a 100% profit margin on the slabs. A fabricator with their own stock (imported from a quarry, not bought from a wholesaler), will have way more room for bargaining than one who has to purchase slabs for a specific job.

  4. @stoneadvisor Agreed! Always go after what you love. These tops will last forever so better be sure they’re what you like.

  5. @stoneadvisor You know what.. You’re right. It’s been a few years since we’ve shot this and I’m pretty sure nowadays warehouses are eating into their profits to get customers through the door. Still, their markup has got to be substantial (75%+). I’m not sure if you have a vested interest in protecting their business, but you can’t argue that any logically thinking customer knows that middlemen have to get their share to survive. Why use one when you don’t have to?

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