Silestone Quartz Countertop Installation By The Home Depot

Silestone Quartz Countertop Installation By The Home Depot
Silestone Quartz, Snowy Ibiza. The installation project began on February 18th with the removal of the old countertops. Installation itself began on February 22nd.

The initial installation was with 3 slabs, but the sink section was 2 or 3 shades darker than the two sections that sandwiched it. Because of this color mismatch, the sink section was replaced. Unfortunately, that section was too dark as well.

This process dragged on until May 9th. So we were without an operational kitchen for 80 days. In all, they’ve used 8 slabs so far. At the point that this video was taken, they are still not ‘right’. The slabs have pretty bad blemishes in the finish, which I will show in a separate video later.

As of the posting of this video, we’re still waiting to learn how Home Depot will remedy the problems that these slabs of Quartz have.

It’s been a frustrating and exhausting 80 days.

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  1. Mármoles Fernández

    Taking into consideration the crap of material that you have selected for the kitchen counter when a few months pass us you make another video of how has degraded your kitchen and how satisfied you feel of the money you paid. You have to consult professionals … so many fashions and so much aesthetics are very expensive. Good luck … low quality counter top and high price !! From my 30 years of experience.

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