Stone Pro: How To Polish Granite Countertops

Stone Pro: How To Polish Granite Countertops
Brief video on how to polish granite countertops using StonePro products. Please visit for more information.

7 thoughts on “Stone Pro: How To Polish Granite Countertops”

  1. there are faster ways to get a shine however i bought this exact kit to try with a client. I have a carpet cleaning company and we already do natural stone floors as well. The kit is not too expensive and I have done 4 homes now with the same kit. Of course I only use this with clients that have little to no scratches. It did work as advertised. i was impressed.

  2. how much can u charge a customer per sq ft to clean there counter tops or how do you charge people to clean them and polish? trying to figure out how much to charge people to clean an polish if you can help thank you.

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